I bought my first Cairn in 1987 and started to show later that year. I had previously shown Cavaliers as a youngster so it was not completely new to me but the Cairn certainly was. I gradually started to look at other cairns and compare them to mine and in time decided on getting a bitch and started looking at different kennels.

I went to Crufts with a certain dog in mind but after watching numerous classes a certain kennel kept catching my eye. I loved the shape and personalities that were coming from this kennel. They were by a dog called Larchlea Heres Harvey, a dog I had heard about but unfortunately I never saw him in his prime. I spoke to Carol Templeton about acquiring a bitch and arranged to meet her at the Northern Ireland Cairn Club show the following month. This is where I saw Larchlea Take a Chance on Me for the first time and it was love at first sight. At the same show I also saw Birselaw Boomerang another one who caught my eye. Little did I know at that time how these two Kennels were to influence the foundation of Cadagio Kennels. I spoke to Carol about getting a bitch and said that I was willing to wait. In 1990 I got Ir. Ch & Eng. Ch.Larchlea Second Chance who was certainly worth the wait as she is the only Cairn in the South of Ireland ever to gain both the English and Irish Championship Titles and won the bitch CACIB at the first show awarding them. Unfortunately she never had puppies which is a shame as she was one wonderful bitch but I never regret owning her as she was a pleasure to show and own.

I have also owned and shown Cavaliers, German Shepherd, and Papillons. I have handled Elkhounds, Tibetan Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers, Kerry Blues, Borders, Wire Fox Terriers and Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

I am the Secretary of the Cairn Terrier Association of Ireland and I also manage the Cairn Rescue I am also the Cairn Rep to the Irish Kennel Club.

Marie Hogarty and
Cadagio as Good as it Gets
on Crufts 2004
Opportune Mate´s Youri Ice Candy, Rüde, Jgd.CAC

Ol´Kyarnrowens Walk of Fame, Rüde, CAC,VDH,b.R.BOB

Kathi vom Bockholts-Hoff, Hündin, Jgd.CAC, b.H.

Ol´Kyarnrowens Vanilla Skye, Hündin, CAC,VDH